Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Woori F.I.S., an IT subsidiary of Woori Financial Group (Chairman Son Tae-seung), announced on the 29th that it held a “management strategy meeting in the second half of 2022″ with all executives and employees on the 28th. In particular, this management strategy meeting was held non-face-to-face in a metaverse environment in consideration of the recent spread of COVID-19.

The slogan of this strategic meeting is “Financial IT where everyone WON”, which means to fuse Woori Financial Group’s WON banking brand with Woori F.I.’s IT capabilities. In addition to entering the new technology market for blockchain-based government public offering projects, we had time to share ways to discover and support joint ventures to strengthen cooperation in new fintech technologies.

Ko Jung-hyun, CEO of Woori F.I.S., stressed, “We need to lead the financial IT market in the future and prepare one step ahead as the future order changes around IT.”

An official from Woori Financial Group said, “As Woori Financial Group Chairman Sohn Tae-seung proposed the completion of the digital-based comprehensive financial group system as a management goal in his New Year’s address this year and is pushing for digital super-innovation as a key strategy, Woori FIS will take the lead.”

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