Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

4 Reasons to Choose Python

Computers cannot understand the words of people who write Korean or English.

Therefore, you must instruct your computer in words that it can understand. It’s a language called machine language that consists only of zero and one.

It is difficult for people to understand and input these machine words.

So many ‘programming languages‘ were created. Software developers learn programming languages and

Write a file called ‘source code’ according to the grammar. Source code written in programming language is easier to understand than machine language and can be easily converted into machine language.

Developers must choose the best programming language for the system, service and purpose they want to create

What is the most popular programming language in Korea recently? It’s Python.

In April 2022, Python topped the list at TIOBE, which is famous for its popularity rating agency for programming languages.

Python is used not only for the development of web applications, but also for data analysis because of its rich library to process statistical data and so on

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