Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

COMAX Venturers announced on the 21st that Parallel Space (CEO Lee Ji-eun), a real estate metaverse solution company, has been selected as “Tips,” a technology start-up investment program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Parallel spaces provide an “online real estate tour” service that implements the space we stay in virtual reality based on due diligence. Through this, consumers can grasp the space away from the constraints of time and space.

The parallel space real estate tour consists of “three-dimensional data of space acquired using LiDAR sensors” and “high-resolution panoramic images.” The parallel space provides information without distortion, unlike other companies’ online tours produced only with a “360-degree image.” This information is characterized by accurate measurements within 5mm of the error value and free time change.

Meanwhile, the parallel space is selected for the Tips program following the grand prize of the △ Gyeonggi Content Agency NRP 6th △ Credit Guarantee Fund Startup NEST 10th △ KAMCO Public Data Utilization Digital New Deal Startup Competition.

Parallel spaces are not only developing existing real estate online tours, but also developing “3D interactions in tours” that can interact with users so that offline online expansion can take place in more diverse fields. It is expected to expand its business from “IoT Technology Linked Online Tour,” which was introduced through the development of a joint business model with COMAX Venturers, to “Information on Apartment Defect Repair and Online Town” and “3D Retail Shopping Space Experience.”

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