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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Machines are a great part of human lives.  From the inventions of the first basic gadgets up to the present spread of technological advancements, it cannot be denied that technological advancement has played a major role in making our works easier and more comfortable.  One of the most interesting projects recently is that of  Artificial Intelligence.  It is designed to develop and program machines similar to humans.  

Artificial Intelligence was first presented at a conference held in Darthmouth College back in 1956.  The Logic Theorist was deemed as the pioneering inventor of AI.  Its main functions involve the following:

  • Problem solving
  • Environment Adaptation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Skills Planning

Although it poses a resounding potential to human, let’s elaborate further the pros and cons of the subject.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

As time lapses, some impossible things have turned into reality such as drones, self-driving cars, and smartphones.  Here are some of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. It helps in medical breakthroughs.  Improvements in medical science have saved thousands, if not millions, of lives in the past decades such as the use of laparoscopic surgery and cancer gene fingerprint.  The breakthroughs increased the chances of survival among people and improved life expectancy.
  2. It promotes safety measure.  Most businesses use facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and even voice recognition to ensure the safety of their companies.  Also, some machines are programmed to detect irregularities of its designated area.
  3. It helps in business processes.  Some machines are programmed with algorithms that can solve complex mathematical problems, thus avoiding repetitive problems.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

While AI has promising advantages, it also has its own downsides.

  1. It can be used as a weapon for terrorism.  Having an intelligent machine that acts like human, it is not surprising that it can also be used as a weapon for mass destruction such as missile launching that uses unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).  
  2. It threatens manpower.   Machines that are used in big corporations already increase productivity; thus, it lessens the need for manual labor.  As technology is ever evolving, there might come a time when machines can entirely replace human labor force.
  3. It might result to the decline in human intelligence.  When machines do almost everything, people might be too dependent on them.  This dependency decreases men’s potential to think outside the box and set their feet out of their comfort zones.  

Man is always yearning for progress.  With Artificial Intelligence, the greatest question is:  is it mankind’s ultimate benefit or his worst invention?

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