Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

AI technology startup Two Art announced that it has released an official version of Sullivan Plus X NUGU equipped with SKT’s voice recognition technology NUGU on Sullivan Plus.

Sullivan Plus, a visual aid voice guidance app launched by Two Art in 2018, is a service that guides visually impaired people through voice images taken with smartphones using deep learning-based image capturing technology. In addition to image description, various information is provided by checking letters, faces, and colors through AI.

When you take a picture of a situation you want to know with the Sullivan Plus app, it informs you of information such as images, text messages, faces, and colors. It can be used when blind people read letters in their daily lives, or when they need to check the scenery or a person’s face.

In the case of face recognition, you can register and check the face of an acquaintance, and in the case of paper money recognition, it also informs the value of the currency. You can also find a wallet, key, or remote control by searching for things.

Sullivan Plus is a representative visual aid app currently used by more than 200,000 blind people in more than 200 countries around the world, and Two Art signed a business agreement with SKT in November last year and launched a beta version introducing NUGU voice recognition technology in February this year.

According to the Korea Blind Association, 74% of blind people in Korea use smartphones. However, the reality is that blind people are often unfamiliar with using smartphones, and when using Sullivan Plus, they hold the smartphone with one hand and the other with a cane to check for obstacles, so it is inevitable to use the smartphone.

In this situation, NUGU voice recognition technology has been introduced to enable the use of various functions of the Sullivan Plus app simply through voice, allowing blind people to use the Sullivan Plus app more conveniently and safely than before in their daily lives.

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