Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

While Wemade has been aggressive since it announced its mainnet WEMIX 3.0, it is predicted that it can acquire CoinPlug, the first generation of blockchain in Korea.

As a result of the Token Post coverage, it was confirmed that Wemade is conducting a review to acquire CoinPlug.

Wemade plans to expand its WeMix ecosystem to NFT, DAO, and DeFi in addition to existing games through its own mainnet WeMix 3.0. It announced its plan to lead the blockchain market through its own stable coin “We Mix Dollars,” which is scheduled to be released next month.

Since its establishment in 2013, CoinPlug has applied for more than 300 blockchain patents and has been providing blockchain-based solutions and services based on technology and multiple project experiences.

It launched its own service such as ‘METAPiE’, an irreplaceable token marketplace (NFT), ‘THEPOL’, an online survey based on blockchain distributed identification (DID), ‘MYKEEPiN’, a non-face-to-face authentication solution based on DID, and ‘MetaPass’, a mobile employee ID solution based on DID, and ‘BAS’.

CoinPlug also drew a line on Coin Metadium using its mainnet in July, organizing all businesses related to virtual assets for next year’s listing.

Metadium is a blockchain project that collected 30 billion won by conducting the Coin Offering (ICO) of the Virtual Asset Meta token in 2018, and although it is a technology partner relationship without a stake relationship, it is cooperating in many ways, sharing manpower and technology and CoinPlug’s service is based on the blockchain of Metadium.

It was recently revealed that Wemade is collaborating with CoinPlug regarding Mainnet. Initially, Wemade planned to build a stable mainnet through collaboration with CoinPlug.

However, it is known that they are discussing the acquisition of CoinPlug while collaborating.

Some in the industry observed that CoinPlug, which is suspected of financial difficulties recently, may be positively considering WeMade’s proposal.

It is also predicted that Wemade is to secure a stable mainnet through the acquisition of CoinPlug, which is building its own mainnet.

Regarding the acquisition of Wemade, an insider of CoinPlug said, “It is true that CoinPlug is collaborating with Wemade on Mainnet. However, only some executives are aware of this mainnet collaboration relationship, he said. “We are internally collaborating with Wemade in a good relationship, and the difficulties raised by some are groundless.”

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