Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Kiwoom Securities announced on the 26th that it has signed a comprehensive business agreement (MOU) with Tessa, an art sculpture investment platform, for mutual business cooperation.

Tessa is a platform that supports the investment of works by blue chip artists in the top 200 globally through mobile apps. As of last month, the cumulative number of members exceeded 126,000, and the cumulative value of co-purchased artworks also exceeded 29.8 billion won.

Under this business agreement, the two companies plan to cooperate with each other to revitalize the industry related to sculpture investment and to explore joint markets, such as finding new BMs for applying for ▲ innovative financial services and finding and carrying out blockchain.

Kim Hyung-joon, CEO of Tessa, said, “This collaboration has provided an opportunity to provide a safer and more diverse art sculpture investment service, which is rapidly emerging as a new alternative investment,” adding, “We expect more investors to participate in sculpture investment through innovative financial applications.”

Kim Hee-jae, head of Kiwoom Securities’ retail division, said, “The inclusion of sculpture investment services into the system is becoming visible following the recent announcement of sculpture investment guidelines by financial authorities. We will try to provide various sculpture investment products to investors in the future.”

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