Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Meta TRIPLE announced that it will introduce a blockchain-based “global total golf service platform” in the second half of this year.

The Global Total Golf Service Platform, which will be introduced this time, is a project for the popularization of domestic golf and the development of the global golf leisure industry, and provides integrated service areas of the golf market using Web 3.0-based blockchain technology.

Platform users will be able to experience various golf services such as reservation and booking payments at golf courses around the world, golf signing, lesson pro matching, golf course protocol and pickup services, golf equipment shopping mall payment, and professional golf swing video NFT issuance.

Previously, reservations for golf courses were made directly by phone or by bookings managers and agencies, but anyone can quickly and conveniently book golf courses using their smartphones using the global integrated booking service provided by the META BRIDGE Platform.

It also provides lesson matching services with professional golfers. Based on the data of the lesson programs collected through big data, the lesson programs that are most suitable for the user’s tendency are matched and recommended.

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