Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Blockchain Mainnet Self-Decentralized Exchange

Through Me2gen’s subsidiary, Blockchain Company, Meverse Labs,

Me2on Group’s blockchain Mainnet Mebus officially launched its own decentralized exchange (Dex) service.

MEVers DEX supports transactions between Meverse Mainnet-based virtual assets.

You can participate in Launchpad, a pre-participation program related to new DApp, or mint and trade NFT in NFT marketplaces.

Through Miverse Dex, users generate additional profits by utilizing virtual assets in the Miverse ecosystem

It is characterized by being able to experience various Meverse DApp services centered on games and entertainment such as blockchain-based games and media contents.

Through various DApps of Miverse, the Miverse ecosystem is expected to become richer

Miverse Dex will serve as a virtual asset exchange center that must be used to use the Miverse ecosystem.

In particular, in the case of the NFT·P2E global version of the casual strategic battle game Pocket Battle, which is planned to be released in the second quarter,

It plans to hold a blockchain event using pocket tokens through Miverse Dex.

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