Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

On the 19th, Bora Network launched the Bora Alliance, a global gamer community association.

A Bora Network official said, “Bora Alliance is a joint partnership aimed at global expansion of the Bora ecosystem through collaboration with promising overseas gamer guilds and communities. Blockchain gaming guilds ‘Ancient8’ and ‘GuildFi’ are participating as first partners.”

“GuildFi has more than 280,000 members and is actively collaborating with major investors such as Defiance Capital, Coinbase, and Binance as the largest blockchain gaming guild that manages the community with the web 3.0 platform in APAC,” he said. “Through the launch of this collaboration, we will directly expose games to global users and increase various campaigns and marketing points.”

In addition, it plans to continue to build collaborative relationships with various promising partners to increase contact points with major communities in the blockchain game market and contribute to the expansion of areas

The services provided by Bora Portal can be checked through the Bora Portal site.

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