Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

In the wake of the web 3.0 era, global conglomerates such as Google and Samsung Electronics are fiercely competing to develop their own digital asset wallets.

Delio announced on the 5th that it will develop its own Web 3.0 digital asset wallet.

According to Delio, the company is Korea’s No. 1 virtual asset operator (VASP) in the fields of digital asset deposits, rending, NFT (non-replaceable token), and DEX (de-central exchange). It already provides virtual asset wallet services to users. As the business area gradually expands, it has started to develop a new Web 3.0 wallet system that enables integrated storage management, exchange, payment, and transaction between assets, from virtual assets, digital assets, securities, and NFT in one wallet.

Based on the development of the Web 3.0 wallet, Delio plans to first install it in the online shopping mall “Wizwith” when the acquisition of ISE Commerce is completed early next month. It will also provide integrated management services for blockchain and non-blockchain assets to domestic and foreign partners such as platforms, banks, securities firms, online shopping malls, and exchanges.

In addition, Delio signed a joint business contract with Shinhan Financial Investment to open a joint service within this year. The company explained that it plans to take the lead in creating a blockchain protocol economic ecosystem as global standards for digital assets are being established.

A company official said, “Digital asset wallets are a necessary system to store and manage various assets on the Web 3.0 platform,” adding, “The acquisition of ISE Commerce is currently underway smoothly, and the acquisition will be completed early next month.”

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