Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

The most important parts of physical activity are the waist and legs. In order to do leisure activities such as cycling and hiking as well as to carry heavy objects, or to move actively in daily life, your back and legs must be strong above all.

For this reason, research and development on wearable robots that assist waist and leg functions is active amid the remarkable development of robot technology. Wearable robots are robots that can dress and take off like clothes. It is the target of large domestic and foreign companies and startups competing for development as it is attracting attention as an auxiliary equipment that improves physical function according to various uses.

WIRobotics, which was launched in June last year, stands out in the domestic wearable robot market, which is in the early stages of growth by developing a prototype of an ultra-light waist assist robot with an annual age of just over a year.

In June this year, he was also selected as a project operator to develop smart work demonstration care services using wearable robots along with Daewoo Engineering & Construction and the Korea Labor Welfare Corporation’s Rehabilitation Engineering Institute.

It is true that it is difficult to automate processes or put robots into construction sites due to an unstandardized working environment.

Amid the aging trend of workers, the number of people suffering from musculoskeletal diseases is rapidly increasing, followed by the disgrace of being the No. 1 field of safety accidents and industrial accident deaths.

In this situation, it is noteworthy that Wero Robotics will demonstrate the possibility of commercialization of wearable robots for workers who have innovated convenience by lowering weight and using soft materials with this project.

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