Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

The famous sandbox game “Minecraft” has announced its position that it will not allow irreplaceable tokens (NFTs).

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, posted an article titled “Minecraft and NFT” on its official website on the 21st, revealing future guidelines for NFT. This is because there were many users who demanded the disclosure of their position on NFT and blockchain and plans for transparency.

Mojang pointed out that while the service principle pursued by “Minecraft” is to ensure that everyone can access the same content, NFT is specifically designed to create a model of scarcity and exclusion, it conflicts with the principles of the game.

As a result, blockchain technology cannot be integrated inside client and server applications, and NFTs related to all in-game content, including world, skin, persona items, or other modes, will not be strictly allowed.

There is also a content gap between users mentioned above in Mo’s decision, but it seems that recent issues related to NFT and blockchain have also affected it.

In addition to the Luna incident of Terraform Labs, negative issues have been steadily revealed, with NFT being stolen through phishing scams and developers hiding about 2.7 million dollars (about 3.5 billion won) of Ethereum raised by NFT sales for game development.

In particular, earlier this year, there was an incident in which 10,000 related NFTs were sold without permission from “Minecraft” and disappeared the next day. The amount of damage known to the public reached 1.2 million dollars.

At that time, a company called Blockbus promoted that it operates a server that only those who own its NFT can access, and that the acquired goods can be converted into Ethereum. But in the end, it was an impossible scam.

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