Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Ground X (CEO Yang Joo-ju), a blockchain technology affiliate of Kakao, announced that it has joined hands with domestic companies to establish an NFT Alliance “GRID” to popularize NFT and revitalize the ecosystem.

It plans to establish a collaborative model by connecting outstanding companies in each field, such as distribution, entertainment, marketing, finance, beauty, webtoons, metaverse, NFT market, blockchain and crypto technology, and F&B, and popularize NFT in online and offline communities, events, and stores.

To this end, Ground X plans to provide all-round support to companies to efficiently plan, execute, and operate NFT-based services. It also plans to provide services and infrastructure that enable NFT membership and holder authentication through QR codes through digital asset wallet “Klip” if companies need it.

“Many companies are using NFTs, but they often need project planning, issuance, and operation support through marketplaces, and there was a limit to being applied to consumers’ real-life services,” said Yang Ju, CEO of Ground X.

More than 50 companies will participate in the NFT Alliance, including △ Kakao Games △ Kakao Entertainment △ Kakao Brain △ Crust Universe △ Color Bus △ Another World.

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