Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Korean giant game companies are making every effort to enter the social casino game market with P2E

Social casino gaming is already a proven cash cow market, and in the North American market, more than eight casino companies rank in the top 20 Android and kids app markets

It’s already been verified that it’s enough money

In the domestic environment, due to various legal regulations, the casino business will be moved abroad

Wemade and Neowiz plan to launch blockchain-based social casino games in overseas markets in the second half of this year.

Netmarble has yet to offer its opinion to the rest of the casino industry, conscious of public opinion in Korea, but since it has already issued a virtual asset called Mabrex (MBX), the industry

Following Wemade and Neowiz, it is predicted that they will walk the same path.

Meanwhile, there were concerns that there was a lack of regulations on the social casino genre.

Game companies are trying to exchange virtual assets indirectly by attaching them to the social casino genre, he pointed out.


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