Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

first solar energy solution company

SoftFive, the world’s first solar energy solution company to invent ‘soft cells’ that can be used in the form of electronic components,

It announced that it has completed attracting 3.7 billion won in investment, which is part of Series A.

Withers Investment Association 1 and 2 participated in SoftPv’s Series A investment.

SoftPV attracted a total of about 3.7 billion won from each investment association.

So far, SoftPV has attracted about 8 billion won in cumulative investment, and the fund plans to invest in relocating its headquarters and building small-scale production facilities and expanding equipment due to corporate growth.

“SoftFive is based on innovative 3D bead solar cell technology,” said innovative 3D bead-type solar cell technology

We are creating innovative products that can fundamentally change our lives with various solar energy solutions

We appreciated the potential as a technology company.”

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