Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Global total golf service platform Meta Bridge announced on October 17 that it has launched an electronic wallet called “MetaBridge Wallet.”

Meta Bridge, a global total golf service platform based on blockchain technology, has launched an electronic wallet wallet, a Meta Bridge official said. “We will develop the global golf leisure industry through the platform and play a pivotal role in popularizing domestic golf.”

Global total golf service platform Meta Bridge announced that it has launched its electronic wallet “MetaBridge wallet” on October 17. [Picture = Meta Bridge]
Meta Bridge plans to provide various golf services to the global market using its own token Meta Bridge Token (MTB).

First of all, Meta Bridge supports people around the world to book golf courses quickly and conveniently on their smartphones regardless of time and place through the global golf course reservation system.

It also provides fast and convenient golfer connection services. Users can immediately view photos and profiles of other popular users and easily meet their golfer partners.

In addition, based on expert data collected through blockchain big data, it supports lesson matching services with professional golfers that match the user’s profile and recommend experts who are most suitable for the user’s tendency. It also supports golf rounding matching services with users who move to the same golf course by storing and analyzing users’ movements and golf course information frequently visited as big data.

Meta Bridge also produces golf swing videos of world-famous professionals on copyrighted and proprietary NFTs. The NFT will be sold as a limited edition to meta-bridge token holders. “Meta Bridge plans to create new values of NFT as a digital notary through an innovative platform that connects the golf industry and the NFT ecosystem,” a Meta Bridge official said. “Starting with golf projects, we will work to develop domestic and foreign sports and expand the NFT industry.”

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