Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

How to Use Facebook to Market Business

Facebook already has 1.65 billion monthly active users around the world, and most of these users would try to go online every day to check what’s on the news feed, chat with friends, or see the latest trend.  

This means that there’s a great chance to promote your business, sell goods and services, and influence your followers or consumers on Facebook. 

With the competitive world of business online, you might be asking how you would go about boosting your web traffic.

Most consumers nowadays would like to be informed. If you are a good business strategist, you would satisfy their need for information by creating informative articles at the same time promoting your business.

It is a win-win situation for both parties – they get informed, and you increase your conversion rate.

Article writing is used to give information, tips, entertainment, or to make the readers laugh, and it is your tool.

With article writing, there are ways to attract consumers by letting them read and possibly share what they have read. To create an excellent post, you need to have a nice headline.

• First, make it catchy or intriguing to make your consumers curious.

• Secondly, have a good article that can help and provide specifics about your business like the pros and cons. Compare the product to other ones in the market or do some studies about the product, and so on. Also, you can write articles that your target audience can relate to.

• Third, place photos to your articles to add attraction. Once you post these articles to your Facebook page, it would be best to allow your consumers to comment or share them on their Facebook walls too. In cases where your consumers would message you about clarifications or questions,

don’t hesitate to reply immediately.
Once you post your articles, receive comments, and gain some shares, you will certainly notice a boost of web traffic and attract more consumers to visit your Facebook page.

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