Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Mirae Asset Securities announced on the 17th that it has introduced new contents such as documentaries and confrontation talk shows on the YouTube channel “Smart Money.”

First, in the two-part documentary “The Future of Digital Assets” for investors interested in the digital asset market, the background of the emergence of Bitcoin, a representative cryptocurrency, and historical events of blockchain technology were highlighted.

In addition, Kim Seung-joo, a professor at Korea University, Sung So-ra, a former professor at Washington University, Lee Jung-yeop, a senior judge at the Seoul Rehabilitation Court, and Ha Yoon, a professor at Yonsei University, participated in the interview to explain the innovation of evolving digital assets.

The second new content, “My Turn: Hold 60 Seconds!” is a one-on-one confrontation talk program designed based on the balance game often played by the MZ generation.

It is a format in which performers with conflicting opinions will discuss specific topics, and the first episode was held under the theme of “Overseas Travel vs. Overseas Investment.” The team leaders and team members of Mirae Asset Securities drew attention from viewers by discussing the “class leader.”

The next topic of discussion will be selected by viewers’ comments to maximize two-way communication.

“We are preparing various contents to help investors respond to the market amid high volatility in the global stock market,” a Mirae Asset Securities official said. “In addition to stock contents, we plan to continue to provide introduction of the latest investment trends and investor education.”

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