Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Fast Forward, the operator of the investment management app “Domino,” announced on the 19th that it has recruited three external financial experts as MyData business advisors to enter the MyData business.

Fast Forward recruited △ Jeong Heon-ho, a former full-time auditor of Shinhan Investment & Securities, △ Kim Jang-ho, a professor of industrial engineering at Kyunghee University, and Lee Yong-jae, a professor of industrial engineering at Unist.

The three advisors will serve as professional advisors in the areas of compliance, financial data analysis, and asset management algorithm development of MyData services to be provided by Fast Forward. Fast Forward plans to increase the company’s financial expertise with this recruitment.

Chung Heon-ho served as the head of the Financial Supervisory Service’s Beijing office in Hong Kong and served as a full-time auditor of Shinhan Investment & Securities for four years in compliance and financial consumer protection.

Kim Jang-ho, a professor at Kyung Hee University, is the youngest ever to be appointed as an editor-in-chief of the international asset management journal “Journal of Portfolio Management.” He also served as a private expert member of the National Pension Investment Policy Committee.

Unist professor Lee Yong-jae is also an expert in financial engineering who was appointed as an editor of the international journal “Journal of Financial Data Science” related to financial data and is an expert in personal financial management based on data.

Domino, run by Fast Forward, is a mobile service that manages all investment assets in one app. It is characterized by easy management of a variety of investment portfolios, including domestic stocks, overseas stocks, funds, and real estate, in one place. Fast Forward plans to further strengthen its asset management functions through MyData services, such as applying for its own credit information management business operator to financial authorities earlier this year.

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