Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

LN Venture Group (CEO Lee Jeong-han), a blockchain development company, announced that it has signed a business agreement with the Korea Music Industry Association (Chairman Lee Deok-yo) to promote an IP (intellectual property)-based NFT (irreplaceable token) market platform project.

The agreement calls for the two companies to actively cooperate for various new projects using NFT, including ▲ IP Asset NFT based on the mainnet of LN Venture Group’s affiliated private chain ▲ NFT Metamafia Platform ▲ Owner’s NFT Project, adjacent rights to record records, and plans to revitalize the project.

LN Venture Group is a company that specializes in developing software based on blockchain technology. Based on the advanced technology of related private chains, it aims to implement blockchain services that can be applied in real life.

Lee Jeong-han, CEO of LN Venture Group, said, “We are happy to introduce the core assets of the Korea Music Industry Association using our blockchain technology. We will become a strong company that leads the blockchain market as well as the NFT business in the future.

Lee Deok-yo, chairman of the Korea Music Industry Association, said, “At a time when NFT technology is expanding to all fields, collaboration with LN Venture Group has great significance,” adding, “We will increase competitiveness by introducing differentiated services that utilize the strengths of the two companies.”

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