Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

DF Chain, a joint venture of Dragonfly, announced on the 10th that it has signed a strategic partnership (MOU) with Item Bay, a game item brokerage service platform, for cooperation in blockchain technology development.

Based on its independent platform that formed a blockchain network and high stability, DFchain, which completed its own main net “BEBIT” for the first time in Korea last year, is currently on-boarding 14 games and plans to expand to 20 games within the year. Dragonfly is providing NFT (irreplaceable token) business and global Play to Ear (P2E) service through D.F. Chain.

Item Bay, which launched the world’s first online game item brokerage service, has 7.5 million members as an open market for digital content, and the average number of monthly service users reaches about 1 million.

Under the agreement, D.F. Chain and Item Bay decided to cooperate by forming a business partnership for joint global expansion as well as a service partnership between the two companies. It also plans to collaborate to develop blockchain technologies in the future based on the technology of both companies. It is planning to create synergy by adding the technology of Dfchain, which has stably formed cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain networks, and the technology of platform development of Item Bay.

An official from Dragonfly said, “We hope that this business partnership will enable active technology development cooperation and global joint advancement cooperation to create synergy effects that maximize each other’s strengths.”

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