Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Joy City (CEO Cho Sung-won) announced through its disclosure that it recorded 39.8 billion won in sales and 100 million won in operating profit in the second quarter of 2022.

Sales of the flagship Freestyle Series and Gunship Battle: Total Warfare are solid, but operating profit has declined due to aggressive marketing due to the release of the P2E title.

As the so-called Corona special ended, game companies‘ performance was expected to decline this year. It is important what kind of food each person will grow from the second half or next year. JoyCity put forward mobile games, P2E, and two-track strategies.

The mobile game is being developed by its subsidiary Mojito Games’ ▲ Project M and its parent company Endrim’s ▲ King of Fighters: Streetwar and ▲ Disney Knights. It is known that Endrim is developing ▲ civilization mobile together.

For King of Fighters: Street War, the release date has been set for Oct. 25. King of Fighters: Street War is a war simulation game under development using SNK’s famous fighting game King of Fighters series IP.

Starting with the launch of King of Fighters: Street War, it is expected that the full-fledged launch of the mobile game lineup will continue. In addition, it plans to maintain solid sales of live titles and actively preoccupy the P2E game market to launch a growth offensive.

Since joining hands with Wemade in November last year, JoyCity has launched two games on the WeMix platform. ▲ Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict and ▲ Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX both received positive responses in the global market.

Recently, at the Galabus 2022 event, it was announced that it will incorporate blockchain technology into the strategic game ▲Eternal Paradox and the latest freestyle series ▲ Freestyle Football 2.

An official from Joy City said, “The indicators of our major titles continue to be solid, and we are developing a number of new works,” adding, “In addition to King of Fighters: Street War, there are titles that have entered the final stage of development, so we will be able to announce good news soon.”

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