Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

WeMade Art Fair ‘2022 The (Seoul kiapeu kiaf seoul the 2022, Korea International Art Fair)’ to be hosted until two days from May 6 next month, the lead sponsor, said Tuesday that it will participate.

WeMade chain one block in the mix (wemix) over 3.0 ecosystem through this sponsorship, the expansion of various genres of art in Korea, including joining forces to tell the world.

WeMade chain over the next block technology by combining it with our extension into new areas to prepare the artist with a variety of business and plans to invest.

WeMade each exhibition hall booth ‘healthy ecosystem of expansion and evolution of life to be led by nft’ on our part to the topic will fill the gallery.

Kiapeu on mix of the ecosystem in Seoul may be a main pole of the nft platform can see at a ‘Nile) (nile’ of projects.

코엑스 그랜드볼룸 내 VIP 라운지에 위치한 부스에서 일러스트레이터 ‘지하’와 ‘로초’의 NFT 컬렉션 ‘London Underground Station 264 Genesis(이하 LUS 264 Genesis)’를 선보인다.

This peuren Clinton in the new concept of social platform ‘tangled’ is a core view, ‘time is gold’ the ‘tangled timepiece’ who art in a sparkling display.

이번 아트페어의 첫 포문을 여는 키아프 플러스에 방문한 관람객들은 세텍 리드 스폰서 전시관 내 위메이드 부스에서 나일 프로젝트 기반의 NFT 2종에 대한 감상은 물론, 체험 이벤트도 즐길 수 있다. SETEC is visible ‘positive kiapeu’ made its debut this year (setec) 1st next month in a five-day war.

Project in divided according to the ‘ Experiential Space ‘ nft sns follow in the character that can turn into the photo, John and the Nile, a postcard photo to your participation in events, clothing, such as North Korea and the presentation of the goods.

In addition, March 5 at the second floor of COEX studio located in Lee Mi-kyung, head of a torque of the ‘2022, Seoul kiapeu’ program that be held in 159 WeMade nft business department director at – dao nft art a New Future for the discourse on the subject.

At the scene with nft dao, led by Art Market WeMade, as a launching new art market players through the platform of change and dao art dao and talked about the possibility of the role of this year.

WeMade janghyeonguk the “100 % mortgage Stabile on mix based on the dollar on the coin total mix 3.0 is a practical and reliable economic value of the Nile are expected to launch the platform nft and dao” he said, “2022, Seoul kiapeu with innovative technology and new economic systems based on the Korean art world of becoming one of the world that can be a stepping stone.” said.

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