Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Kakao Brain’s achievement in developing Korean ultra-large AI models using Google TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) at the “Google Cloud Customer Awards”

Diversity, fairness, and inclusion △Social impact △Media and entertainment were announced.

The Google Cloud Customer Awards, which marks its second anniversary this year, are innovative in various industries around the world

It is awarded to companies that have successfully changed their businesses by utilizing products and solutions from Google Cloud.

Kakao Brain develops ultra-large AI language model ‘KoGPT’ specialized in Korean, and is a customized machine learning hardware accelerator for Google Cloud

By introducing ‘Cloud TPU’, it reduced the time and cost required for model research and development.

Kakao Brain has released the model code of KoGPT on GitHub, the world’s largest open-source community

It was also recognized in the “social impact” sector, which solves the problems facing the world and leads to positive changes.

Numerous AI and machine learning engineers and academic researchers in Korea use this model code to quickly develop their own Korean NLP model

It is expected that the KoGPT model can be continuously developed based on collaboration within the open source community.

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