Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

manage digital content for marketing with AI

We’re going to look at three technologies that produce and manage digital content for marketing with AI.

Indirect advertising production technology, marketing copy production technology, and corporate content production management technology are the main characters.

These days, we’re combining computer vision technology with machine learning and rendering technology

There is a technology that conveniently puts indirect advertisements in movies and dramas (Leaf).

In addition, technology to automatically write Instagram posts and blog introductions using GPT-3, a natural language AI algorithm, was introduced to the site

When creating marketing content, it is also important to produce consistent content reflecting corporate content guidelines.

Technology that examines corporate content with AI, finds problems, and presents improvements has also been commercialized (Acrolinks).

Especially, the technology of automatically making marketing copy, evaluating and feedbacking corporate contents seems to be useful for small companies.

If it is difficult to have a marketing expert for the sake of the matter, AI can complement its role.

Using the above technology, people who are not marketing experts can collaborate with AI to get marketing ideas.

You can add your own ideas and develop them into better ideas

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