Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Digital asset exchange Upbit announced on the 31st that it will hold the “AMADU Festival (AMA)” on the 25th of next month at Dunamu’s metaverse platform “Second Block.”

“AMA” is an acronym for “Ask me anything,” and is designed to help investors make wise investment decisions by providing a place to communicate directly with project officials. DU stands for two trees. The event will be held as a regular event, starting with the first event in August.

AMA’s first project is AVAX. Avalanche is a platform for decentralized financial applications and enterprise blockchain built by Ava Labs, and it is a project aimed at a mainnet that allows faster transactions by solving Ethereum’s scalability problem. Lydia Chu, vice president of business development for Avalanche, will participate in the event to address investors’ curiosity through introduction and Q&A of Avalanche.

Applications for AMA participation will be held on the official website of ‘Second Block’ from August 1st to 8th. Any Upbit member can participate, and the application is completed by linking the Upbit account to the Second Block and leaving questions about Avalanche. The 2,000 participants selected through the lottery will be confirmed only after completing the Upbit Customer Verification Procedure (KYC) and agreeing to the Upbit NFT Terms and Conditions.

When the participation is confirmed, tickets required for AMA block entry will be paid in the form of NFT through Upbit NFT. Detailed application methods can be found on the official website of Upbit or Second Block.

Avalanche airdrop event will also be held for confirmed AMA participants. If you watch the contents related to the Upbit Investor Protection Center displayed in the AMA block of the Second Block, you can stamp it, and participants who take all the stamps will be given a certain Avalanche coin. A lucky draw event will also be held in the middle of the AMA, and a surprise gift will be given to the participants who attended until the end

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