Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

E-Script announced on the 29th that it has newly updated its personalization function on the digital note app “Nebo.”

Taking notes reflects individual tastes. This is the same when organizing professional content in the company. MyScript has therefore updated various settings with high degrees of freedom to provide better experience of note-taking.

Creating a personalized page

Users can create handwritten pages in the app by dividing them into notes and documents through the creation of personalized pages updated by Nebo this time. The existing freestyle page was changed to a note, and the general page was renamed to a document.

Each page is designed to allow users to intuitively infer and use the function through name changes.

Users who want to take notes, brainstorm, and create freely on canvas can use notes, take notes directly on pasted pages, and use documents if they want to neatly convert and organize math symbols and text.

Add a dark mode that makes your eyes comfortable

Through this update, Nebo also supports the dark mode that many users wanted. The user may comfortably use Nebo even in a low illumination environment through the dark mode. MyScript developed dark mode by combining a wide range of colors in the development process to reduce user eye fatigue.

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