Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Naver Cloud announced on the 24th that it participated in the Korea-U.S. Startup Summit (hereinafter referred to as the Summit) held at Pier17 in Manhattan, New York, for two days from September 20 to 21, local time, and played a leading role in developing the startup ecosystem and expanding global expansion.

During the event, he operated a 98㎡ (about 30 pyeong) joint booth with five startups supported by Naver Cloud and participated in major events such as meet-ups of large companies, global corporate sit-ups, and ceremony sessions. Through this, we shared the achievements of leading the creation of a win-win startup ecosystem and expanded opportunities for domestic startup companies to successfully enter the global market.

Co-hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Korea Federation of SMEs, the Korea Startup Promotion Agency, and the Korea-U.S. Agricultural and Fishery Cooperation Foundation, the event was designed to connect and expand the startup ecosystem and pave the way for fostering unicorn companies.

At the joint hall for two days of the event, a case of open innovation by South Korean and U.S. conglomerates, an introduction to cooperative startups, and a meeting place between South Korean and U.S. startups were set up. Naver Cloud introduced its core value and world-class technology under the theme of technology leadership, ultra-large data center, global business, and shared growth.

Five cooperative startups from Naver Cloud also participated. △ Self-driving simulation platform “MORAI”, △ 5G-based drone control solution company “Argosdyne”, △ Smart Factory facility prediction and preservation solution company “FutureMain”. △ Advanced augmented reality development company “Aria-Edge” needed for industrial sites, and 5G specialized solutions.

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