Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Netmarble co-marketing blockchain games with SBXG

Netmarble announced on the 28th that it has established a strategic partnership with SBXG (formerly Sandbox Gaming), a subsidiary of Sandbox Network, for joint marketing of blockchain-based games.

Through this partnership, Netmarble will be able to play Netmarble’s blockchain-based game and SBXG

the web 3.0 (decentralization web) ecosystem metagamers (MetaGamerZ) centered on the global influencer and user is connected

We will strengthen our competitiveness in the global game and content market.

In the future, we plan to carry out various partnership-based activities such as the operation of blockchain professional game teams, the hosting of game tournament events, and marketing collaboration between the two companies.

“We are a strong leader in various content business areas,” said Park Young-jae, head of Netmarble Marketing Group.

We plan to launch the global blockchain game market in a fresh way with SBXG. “

“We will build a sustainable ecosystem where games, content, and user communities can grow together,” he said.

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