Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

It announced on the 19th that it has invested in Needer, which operates a time-part-time matching platform called ‘Emergency Gate’.

The emergency department operated by Needer, an investment target company, provides customized part-time job information to job seekers and job seekers in real time. In particular, based on the job seeker’s resume, it recommends suitable talent for job seekers to help them recruit quickly. From job offers to interviews to writing labor contracts, you can proceed at once through chatting. Salaries can also be paid using remittance services on the platform.

The cumulative number of job seekers in the urgent district is 620,000, and the average number of job seekers and job seekers per month is 20,000. It provides services in partnership with Yanolja, Baedal Minjok, Kakao Mobility, and Coupang Logistics. It has signed a business agreement with BGF Retail, the operator of convenience store CU, and is also operating a job search service “CU Emergency Zone.”

Wanted Lab believes that Nieder will be able to lead the matching based on data in the part-time job market. Lee Bok-ki, CEO of Wanted Lab, said, “Both NEEDER and Wanted Lab decided to invest in the judgment that they can create synergy with each other as work-mediated companies,” adding, “If there is a company that can change the future of work together in the future, we will actively consider investing.”

Meanwhile, Wanted Lab is actively investing outside to provide future growth engines. In May, in collaboration with The Ventures, it invested seeded in What Time, an operator of SaaS (service-type software)-based schedule management solution. In August, it invested exclusively in Weaver, the operator of the workshop recommendation platform.

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