Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

PIKU has announced its entry into the Asian market

PIKU, an IP management platform including patents, announced its entry into the Asian market starting with Korea on July 29.

According to the company, Piku is a platform created by IP experts, investors, and entrepreneurs, and is a consulting firm that monetizes and grows individual and corporate IP portfolios.

It was built based on blockchain technology for patent and IP management of individuals and companies. It also serves as a consignment or trust manager after paying costs including legal responses in case of IP-related lawsuits or patent infringement.

Given that it is not easy for individuals or small companies to cover legal costs, including legal assistance, to deal with large companies in patent or IP-related lawsuits or disputes,

the company predicted that the Piku platform will help individuals or small companies with patents in Korea.

In particular, among IP management services, litigation-related financial services are already common in the form of litigation finance or litigation funds in developed countries,

but they are still unfamiliar in Korea. In addition, among the patents managed by Piku, the patents related to streaming services are considered as source patents that all companies that provide real-time live services, including the Internet, cannot avoid.

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