Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Play to Earn Game Industry Dilemma

P2E game refers to a game that can convert goods in the game into virtual assets based on blockchain technology.

It is expected to double the fun by establishing a virtual economic system in the game.

The domestic game industry sees P2E games as new growth opportunities and is entering the business one after another.

However, in Korea, P2E games are considered illegal due to gambling and other reasons, so they are only being serviced overseas.

\ “We need to maintain the current legal system that defines P2E games as illegal,” he said

We should ban the sale of characters or probability-based items in the game and ban teenagers from entering the game,” he pointed out.

“We need conditions such as maintaining the stable economy and cryptocurrency in the game, and developing new global IPs

“We don’t see any game companies that have met this yet,” he said. “If we don’t meet these conditions,

We will have to accumulate experience through the launch and testing of P2E games mainly in overseas markets,” he said

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