Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

What is a plug link?

Plug-link means that the plug is always connected
It is a young company that provides convenient and new services to rechargeable.
Expansion of stable charging infrastructure through energy finance and customer experience-oriented charging platform
By providing it, we want to grow into a mobility platform company that continues the needs and values of the electric vehicle era

PlugLink, an electric vehicle charging platform company, announced on the 21st that it has completed a total of 9 billion won series A investment round, attracting about 3.5 billion won in additional investment from Samsung Securities and LS Electric.

Founded in July last year, PlugLink provides electric vehicle charging services specialized in apartments such as apartments. It also provides services to improve customer convenience through free installation of electric vehicle chargers in △ apartments and officetels △ charging control and fare simple payment △ charging method using QR codes.

Kang In-cheol, CEO of PlugLink, said, “We have succeeded in proving the innovation and growth potential of PlugLink’s charging service development amid the recent poor investment,” adding, “We plan to speed up the rapid distribution of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and charging technology with new investments by Samsung Securities and LS Electric.”

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