Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

The Daegu Metropolitan Government announced on the 12th that local content companies are making visible results thanks to its customized support policy aimed at fostering global leading companies.

Following the opening of the Content Korea Lab in 2015 and the Content Enterprise Support Center in 2020, the city opened the Daegu Content Business Center in December last year to carry out customized support projects according to the “creation-start-up-growth” stage of content companies.

In particular, the policy to foster content leading companies, which is being promoted based on the Daegu Content Business Center, is receiving positive reviews from local content companies.

The content leading company development policy is a Daegu-type small and medium-sized company development policy that Daegu City is pushing to successfully settle in the market and grow into a global company by supporting product R&D, investment attraction, and overseas expansion for companies in the Daegu Content Business Center.

Based on this, Jisha Co., Ltd., a character production company currently located in Daegu Content Business Center, signed a character licensing contract worth 100 million won with BGF Retail (CU) this year, signed an SNS content contract with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and participated in a solo exhibition and held a pop-up store in Hong Kong Harbour City and Taiwan Mitsukoshi Gallery

BP Co., Ltd. is also expected to secure 50 new clients this year based on coding education contents, increasing sales by more than 50% compared to last year. While demand for non-face-to-face education programs is expected to increase further in the future, it plans to lead the coding education market with step-by-step customized education from infants to adults.

Angel Games Co., Ltd., a mobile game company, also recorded a total of 36 billion won in sales by producing “Road of Dice (2016-2018)” and “Hero Cantare (2018-2019)” based on Daegu City’s support for content production. This year, it is showing remarkable growth, with sales of 11 billion won as of the end of June by introducing the mobile game “Tower M of God.”

Recently, it has moved to the new building located in Alpha City, Suseong-gu, setting the stage for growing into a global game company and looking at its second heyday.

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