Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Pure Black has officially launched the Twitch-like live lecture platform “Five.”

PIV is a platform that provides non-face-to-face live lectures for middle and high school examinees. It has continuously improved its products by releasing MVP in June 2021.

The live lecture environment of Piv is taking a different form from online education, which used to deliver only the educational screen of instructors through screen sharing.

It provides a cam screen that reflects the instructor’s face, a data screen that instructors teach, and a chat window where learners can communicate directly with instructors in real-time, allowing students to feel the value of “communication” and “streamer feedback” in online education.

Pure Black CEO Cho Young-tak said, “In order to invite only proven teachers who can perform best in a non-face-to-face lecture environment, we recruited teachers focusing on students’ preferences and re-lecture rates.”

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