Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Samsung Asset Management ‘Blockchain Technology’

Samsung Asset Management announced on the 23rd that it will list ‘Samsung Blockchain Technology ETF‘, a blockchain exchange-traded fund (ETF), on the Hong Kong market.

It is an ETF that invests in global blockchain companies, blockchain technology-related ETFs, and cryptocurrency ETFs.

Currently, the top portfolio companies are CME Group in the U.S., IBM, and GMO Internet in Japan.

The U.S. operator Ample Pie aims to operate the same as the blockchain ETF (BLOK) listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The operator explained that it has the advantage of being able to trade in real time during trading hours in the Asian stock market.

“Make it easy and convenient to invest in U.S. blockchain ETFs, which are highly interested in investors, in Asia,” said Samsung Asset Management’s Hong Kong head

We want to provide new investment opportunities for Asian investors,” he said.

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