Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

SK Telecom (CEO Yoo Young-sang) announced on the 3rd that it has started an open beta of ‘TopPort’, a curated NFT marketplace that connects NFT issuers and buyers based on distributed digital asset wallets. “Topport” is a curated market where selected NFT works can be easily accessed, and its biggest feature is that NFT issuers and buyers can conveniently trade NFTs.

Through “Topport,” SKT provides NFT professional artists with various functions from NFT collection composition to NFT issuance and community management functions, and buyers can easily make wallets and purchase NFT works without expertise.

As of the opening date, “Top Port” unveiled 3,000 works by 20 NFT artists, including mass content production companies such as the Kansong Meta Bus Museum, Meta Bus producers, and Young Industries, and kdk (Professor Kim Do-kyun of Seoul Arts University). In particular, users can use “top ports” in various operating systems and various browsers,

making it easy for issuers and buyers to access them anywhere. In addition, users can mint NFT works directly on the blockchain network within the “Topport” platform, and can easily pay KRW.

SKT has improved the convenience of customers by shortening the purchase stage by four more steps (subscription/accession of cryptocurrency exchanges, purchase of cryptocurrency, etc.)

compared to existing marketplaces that trade through cryptocurrency by adopting KRW payment through NFT transaction method.

In the future, SKT plans to activate the platform by giving NFT gifts in ‘Topport’, trading in auction methods, and strengthening community services for exchanges between creators and buyers.

Oh Se-hyun, head of Digital Asset CO, said, “NFT Marketplace is a representative service in the web3 era where users own and manage all data,” adding, “SKT will continue to develop and develop services to respond to the web3 market.”

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