Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

MINING NFT, a company specializing in blockchain mining, announced on the 23rd that it will launch MIT Token while unveiling a platform linked to Bitcoin mining NFT.

According to the data distributed by MINING NFT, the newly opened platform is a one-stop service that provides mining and operation, and features a combination of Bitcoin mining NFT and coins. He added that MIT tokens as much as the value of Bitcoin mined are separately paid to those who purchased NFT in the designated market, allowing them to secure additional MIT tokens along with mining profits only with NFT ownership.

According to the data, management has been enhanced to generate stable profits. It is said that a team of experts is dedicated to the current status of mining of customers to enable continuous coin mining, while closely implementing the infrastructure of the security network so that the mined coins can be safely stored.

A company official said, “We have programmed the MIT token to be incinerated by 50% so that the value of the token can continue to rise,” and emphasized, “We will try to introduce various services to expand the MIT ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, MINING NFT is conducting a defi event as an open promotion, and after purchasing MIT from the exchange, one NFT will be given free of charge to those who staked the number of events in MINING NFT’s defi pool.

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