Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

The blockchain main net “XPLA” built by Com2us Group announced on the 31st that it will make strategic investments in “Xterio,” which operates a web3 game platform.

XPLA led the Xterio investment with Funplus, FTX Ventures, and Makers Fund.

Xterio has secured a total investment of $40 million (about 54 billion won) through this investment attraction, and is planning to develop web3 games and build a platform.

Xterio is a project joined by a large number of veterans from global game companies such as Fun Plus, EA, Activision Blizzard, and NetEase, and aims to develop and publish global web3 games of various genres.

It is also expected to provide a rich web3-based game experience to global users across Asia, Europe, and North America who are familiar with existing games.

Through this investment attraction, Xterio will play an exclusive role as a Web3 partner for Funplus.

“We are very happy to join Xterio as an investment partner, which has the same Web3 philosophy as us,” XPLA leader Paul Kim said. “We expect that the era of success in the Web3 game ecosystem will open through veteran leadership from the global game industry.”

Xterio will focus on developing next-generation game contents that incorporate blockchain technology in the future, said Jeremy Horn, co-founder of Xterio. “We plan to successfully introduce our games to users around the world with XPLA’s support.”

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