Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

The initial investment screening program “VC Sprint,” co-hosted by the Korea Early Investment Institution Association (KESIA) and Future Play, was completed after the completion ceremony.

This training was conducted through lectures by experts representing the industry and live Q&A sessions on the core know-how of initial investment. CEO Kwon Do Kyun, the first startup accelerator in Korea,

Blue Point CEO Lee Yong-kwan, Venture Square CEO Myungseung, Tech & Ro CEO Koo Tae-eon, Mira Partners CEO Park Mi-ra, Rising S Ventures director Jang Ji-young, and Future Play CEO Ryu Joong-hee participated as lecturers.

In addition, some working-level experts from members of the Korea Early Investment Association took charge of the trainees and conducted mentoring (task evaluation and feedback).

The first phase of “VC Sprint” was officially certified by the Korea Early Investment Institution Association through a completion ceremony in which all 57 students completed eight weeks of training.

In addition, a networking party was held to strengthen the network between mentors and students in charge of congratulatory speech and mentoring by Lee Yong-kwan, chairman of the Korea Early Investment Institution Association, and Ryu Joong-hee, CEO of Future Play.

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