Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Kakao Pay will provide 1 billion won within this year for the financially underprivileged and small business owners.

Kakao Pay held an ESG promotion committee on the 27th and announced that it has been approved to raise 1 billion won in win-win funds and operate a win-win program this year.

In response, Kakao Pay plans to develop a commercial building with a corporate philosophy of “financial services that are beneficial to anyone.” Kakao Pay’s Sangsaeng-dong will be operated by utilizing Kakao Pay’s business characteristics, such as sponsoring financially underprivileged and small business owners based on the ▲ supporting financial services through cooperation with subsidiaries ▲ strengthening communication with local communities.

Based on the win-win fund created this time, Kakao Pay plans to develop various programs that can grow with the local community, strengthen ESG management, and continue to promote activities that can fulfill social responsibilities.

An official from Kakao Pay said, “We plan to carry out business life in Kakao Pay’s own way, such as financial education and service support,” adding, “We will work hard to achieve sustainable growth with the local community.”

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