Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

On MyDeb, which provides user sentiment analysis technology, announced on the 16th that it has attracted seed investment. Bon Angels Venture Partners participated in the investment.

OnMyDeb is a startup of user emotion analysis technology through natural language processing. OnMyDeb provides MLops SaaS “Estent” that can easily analyze user text feedback that companies have or have on SNS. Data engineers and performance marketers can improve services and establish consumer-centered marketing strategies based on emotional data provided by Essent. It will also provide technologies that can be used as content for marketing and improve customer experience in the company.

Kim Kwang-soo, partner of Bon Angels Venture Partners, said, “OnMyDeb is aiming for the SaaS market through fast execution and unique technology. “We have high expectations for the team’s technical capabilities and the marketability of the product,” he explained.

Park Heon-young, CEO of On MyDeb, said, “90% of customers are affected by positive reviews when purchasing products. If customer feedback is converted into indicators and contents that companies can use to improve their businesses, they can gain tremendous value. “OnmyDeb wants to be a partner that can improve the customer experience,” he said.

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