Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Wemade announced full-fledged ESG management on the 2nd. The plan is to establish and develop ESG management plans focusing on three key goals: responsible environmental management practice, inclusive growth for future generations, and transparent governance.

First, the plan is to practice responsible environmental management through efforts such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste, saving water resources, and efficient use of resources. Education and participatory activities are also carried out with the aim of improving employees’ awareness of the environment.

In order to realize inclusive growth for future generations, the plan is to support the growth of members and implement a safe and workable workplace. It also plans to support the development of education and culture in the local community and protect consumer rights through responsible marketing and personal information protection.

In addition, the government plans to promote reliable information disclosure, shareholder value promotion, efficient board composition and operation, and compliance systems to maintain transparent governance.

WeMade will practice exemplary ESG management that meets the status of leading companies in the blockchain market, Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of WeMade, said. “We will show a step forward as a company that meets social expectations.”

Wemade established an ESG team in January to carry out activities for management practice and internalization. Additional compliance teams and internal accounting management teams will be established.Com

It consolidated the Pliance system.

In addition, under the ESG committee established last year, five working groups were formed, including environmental management, human rights and compliance, social contribution, governance, and information protection. These working groups are consulting related departments in each area, working with ESG teams to establish specific plans for major issues and perform tasks accordingly.

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